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Featured Local Artist: John Gerber

Rosenthal Interiors - Cordially welcomes our newest local artist to our showroom floor John Gerber. Here are a few words from John, as to what inspires his beautiful creations that have now graced our walls in downtown Minneapolis.

First thank you for coming to see the work. It is a personal journey, but it is not complete until it is shared. You are a part of the art, the final mile in the path of these pieces. I hope you are inspired, moved or entertained as you view them.

A few personal words about the art… the first thing you probably asked yourself when you saw my collection on display was: “Did the same person paint these?” Well, oddly enough, the answer isn’t an immediate “Yes”. While I, alone created these. Sometimes I may have just as well been another person. I struggled with creating what would be considered a “cohesive group of pieces” which would be an immediately identifiable branding of my style or subject matter… but in this unpredictable period of my life, certain struggles being unique visual manifestations. What found its way into the show was like my journey; a cocktail of sadness, joy, clarity, confusion and playful expression.

It is a growth period personally and artistically, and this show represents that.

I use a variety of materials. I like the way glazes bring out subtleties that make abstracts and expressive strokes complex and lyrical. I also like the unique opportunities for texture and depth mixing materials offers.

My art history education brought me to fall in love with the work of the cubists: Braque, Picasso and DuChamp being my favorites as well as the abstract expressionists such as Gottlieb and de Kooning. I am always amazed and inspired by their unique gifts to art’s rich recent history.

I hope that as you view a piece you make your own connection. Like a song, YOUR connection is what is most important. Feel it, consume it, let it find you.

I thank you so much for taking interest in my work and hope I can earn a place on your wall, art collection, and heart.

Thank you for coming and sharing this experience.

John Gerber

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