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What Inspires You? This Year's Trends Are Sure to Pique Your Curiosity

MILAN - With over 2,000 exhibitors at this years Salone del Mobile contemporary furniture fair, and legions of outsiders roaming about -- you begin to see why this is where trends live, flourish, and become discovered. Following this wildly successful exhibition, the latest in modern flair has now made it's way to the mid-west, and to our showroom @ Rosenthal Interiors.

Wading through what is timeless, and what is a trend can be difficult at times, that's why we're here to help with key style aspects to your interior design arsenal.

Lighting, not just for illumination, but as an accent of material

LED technology continues to advance, and with this we remain on the edge of the frontier, continuously being astonished with it's versatility, with even greater surprises in store, and promised ahead. This year, we wondered in amazement at the portability of lighting options, while being integrated seamlessly into your home with a smartphone, or wireless device; light fixtures that double as a family heirloom, or fine jewelry; and collapsible lighting options, that fit into spaces you once thought impossible.

Designed by Kenneth Cobonpue a multi-awarded furniture designer, and manufacturer from Cebu, Philippines. Selected for esteemed awards such as Designer of the Year, and First Virtuoso by Time Magazine, Kenneth continues to innovate and inspire with his other-worldly designs.

The piece featured, Limbo captures a spontaneous moment of an aerialist in mid-flight. Made of gossamer wires, hand woven in a lattice pattern, this dramatic design is both an art piece and a functional lamp.

Emerald Green is the New Black

Pantone, the key authority and influence on color, designated 2017 "the year of greenery", further expounding that "[this gives us the] reassurance we yearn for amid a tumultuous social and political environment." With this said, rich greens, with yellowish hues can be expertly blended into your home with accents, rugs, or pillows -- in need of theme ideation? Our design experts at Rosenthal Interiors are here to help!


Possible drawbacks: unexpected naps on your new supersized sofa, friends // family seeking your home for gatherings, a conversation piece "Where do I acquire one of these?" If you do manage to remove yourself from the velvety depths of your new sofa, you then will begin to see that unusual shapes, and configurations are now in full effect, which warrants you the opportunity to lounge in an infinite number of ways. And this furniture is not limited to your home -- they're cropping up in offices too.

Featured Gamma (IT), this beautifully, handcrafted sectional weaves contemporary design, ultimate comfort, and our colour of the year, a rich velvet green. Stitching is reminiscent of the Ferrari you also covet to have in your driveway, but with a more economical price-tag. Contact our design team today @ Rosenthal Interiors to create your custom Gamma sectional today!

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Images courtesy Salone del Mobile.Milano

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