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Why Do You Create? Welcoming Local Artist Sandra Felemovicius to @Rosenthal Interiors

Rosenthal Interiors - Our team is elated to announce Sandra Felemovicius has created a number of unique and personalized pieces that now grace our showroom in downtown Minneapolis. Pop by today to view Sandra's locally created fine art today!

A Handful of Words From Sandra

I am Sandra Felemovicius and I am a contemporary artist. I was born in Mexico City in 1971. Art became my passion from a very young age, being the daughter of a prominent architect who exposed me to all different kinds of art and architecture; I became fascinated with spaces, lines, shapes and creative problem solving. I studied painting and drawing in Florence, Italy for six months. It was there were I realized I wanted to be a professional artist. I moved to Minnesota in 1992. I got my Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 1995.

I worked as an art teacher for three years with kindergartners through sixth Grade. I continued my studies and my growth in painting under Sally Brown. I currently have my own studio space in Northeast Minneapolis. 
Since 1995 I have participated in art fairs,solo and group showings.

My artwork has been commissioned by dental and medical buildings as well as residential and commercial properties in the United States and Mexico. In 2016 more than 1200 artists submitted artwork and only 40 artists were selected to be part of the permanent collection for the US Bank Stadium for the Minnesota Vikings and I was one of 2 Abstract painters selected.

Ideas and Inspiration

I’m inspired by my culture and the outer tangible world to create my abstractions, I may get inspired by a fragment of a rock or a wall that catches my eye, or as simple as forms, shapes and lines that I then transfer into my work. My process of creating a painting comes from who I am, a Jewish Mexican Artist, integrating my past and the present cultures. Always starting with a small sketch that I later transfer into a full scale painting, building layers of color and many thin layers of transparent paint to be able to achieve the effects that I want, so that the end result will be a combination of light, color, forms and shapes creating balance.

Artist Statement

Contemporary, cultural and colorful; tension between balance and chaos, lines and shapes creating positive and negative spaces, utilizing light and rhythm.

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