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Art of Form : Miniforms

Miniforms was born in Italy in the 1970s. It evolved from Inveta (Industria Veneta small tables), a company founded in 1962 which produced small tables and accessories.

In the late 1980s, Miniforms looked toward the international market. Production was expanded to chairs, tables and bookcases, increasing the catalogue of new solutions for living.

In 2009, Miniforms founder Mr. Luigi Bardini, sold the company to his son Mr. Alessandro. The company was now investing in avant-garde production, working with young Italian design talents.

The style inspiring the company derives from authentic materials and respect for the environment. The forms and colors are essential, clean and primary.

The materials range from solid wood to steel, glass and aluminum, using environmentally compatible materials. In 2010, Miniforms exhibited at the 49th International Furniture Exhibition in Milan, with a collection of twenty-two new products by designers such as Paul Capello, DZ Studio, Giopato & Coombes, Enrico Girotti, Claudio Lovadina, and Andrea Lucatello.


Miniforms is kind of bizarre.

She always wears colourful outfits with strange shapes that accentuate her soft and clean face.

You can regularly see her talking with young talented designers.

At times you can see her in a coffee shop dressed as a bourgeois and chatting with irony and with the avant garde. Sometimes with the environmentalist sharing love for the nature and all that it encompasses.

In the ‘70s, when they listened to David Bowie music in the disco, she was tuned to a different station. She was known as Indiustria Veneta Tavolinetti, Invetaa for friends.

In the ‘80s, when new wave music was cool, she was looking at Europe and Europe was looking at her. She started to travel, but she was still discrete.

But now you can easily find her in Melbourne skyscrapers, in Madrid restaurants, in London design studios, talking fluently with a lively and fresh tone. As time goes by she always looks younger.


Miniforms is different. As designers they set themselves apart by creating pieces that intrigue, compel and inspire wonder. A signature piece, the Caruso music cabinet was designed with all of the aforementioned factors in mind. It is a beautiful blend between sound, design and function. Caruso will fill your room with the sumptuous sound of your favorite music, or can accent your living space with a modern flair.

Our team at Rosenthal Interiors recognizes the commitment to quality and innovative design set forth by Miniforms, which is why we are an exclusive retailer. Visit our showroom in downtown Minneapolis to view the latest from an Italian made, contemporary home furnishings innovator.

Be you, be inspired, be unique. ​

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