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With an assortment of manufacturer options, and countless commerce conduits that feature home furnishings, how are we to discern what is quality and what is another mass produced item? Research and access to a knowledgeable resource are the greatest tools in your arsenal. And our experts at Rosenthal Interiors are here to provide you with the information you will need to make an informed decision that you’ll be happy with for years to come.

Conscious to the Earth

One key aspect that oftentimes may be overlooked is the effect mass produced items can have on the globes environment at large. We have expertly curated furnishing lines within our showroom that align with beliefs we hold true: being environmentally conscious, consideration to materials used, and fair labor practices to employees producing product. Combining all aspects to create luxury home furnishings that you will be proud to own, and not have to wonder how environmentally friendly your beautiful new handcrafted sectional is.

Attention to Quality and Detail

Quality control is essential when producing customized furnishings. Thayer Coggin carried at Rosenthal Interiors takes this one step further, by having a single expert craftsman who works with your new piece from framing, upholstering, to the final stage of shipment. This warrants Thayer Coggin to give a more than personalized experience with each piece, and ensuring every detail is not overlooked.

Gamma, carried at Rosenthal Interiors showcases avant-garde leather tanning techniques that offer an immeasurable range of versatility and variety for their products -- from accent chairs, to sectionals, to storage ottomans that look more like a luxury Italian handbag than a piece of furniture. Quality leather is of utmost importance to Gamma, by sourcing leathers with origins of Italy and northern Europe and by only selecting hides that meet 4.5mm, which is unabashedly thick for any standards. And all to ensure resilience and longevity of their product, which we have all grown to know and love.

Economical & Within Reach

Following this brief read, most are pondering the cost of a customizable, quality piece of European or American designed and crafted furnishing. Our clients will be the first to tell you that furnishings from our showroom will fall within a similar price point, or even less than that of a big box retailer. This is because we have cultivated long lasting relationships with our manufacturers, whom pass along generous discounts, which we give to our clientele.

Next time you’re thinking about customized furnishings, and are looking for someone that is knowledgeable, as well as excited to assist with your project, look no further -- we’re here to meet your every need, and look forward to creating a memorable experience for anyone who has the opportunity to enjoy your new space.

Be unique. Be inspired. Be you.

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