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A space can be taken from drab to wow by adding the right touch of design elements. From lighting, unique rug creations, to wall coverings that make your space pop, eye-catching table accents and everything in-between. Our design team is here to provide an expert eye and keep your space on track to become your beautifully designed paradise.


Selecting the right light fixture or accent lighting to properly balance within your space is as integral as having a shoe that's sized for you. Measurements are a must, and you want to be certain the scale of your new light fixture, or accent lighting will not overtake what is already in place. It should create a harmonious balance, playing off of each other to flow into a cohesive story about how you would like the room to be utilized. This is where our design team comes into play, with complimentary in-home consultations we will take measurements, and create the perfect balance between flow, function and lifestyle within your home.


Area rugs are the foundation of your space and will be as important as selecting the right fine art to pull a room together. Our first step will be discerning a colour pallet that accents your space to ensure your ideal environment is crafted. From here we will want to work with the size & shape of your room, not just your furnishings -- ensuring the room is functional. All of which our design team is here to assist with every step of the way.

Wall Coverings

A prevalent and exciting design trend as of recent has been wall coverings. As we are becoming more enamored with textures across our home, walls are an easy segue to implement this addition. We partner with hundreds of wall covering manufacturers to ensure you have options to match your personal style.

Table Accents

The final touch on any space: accents provide an added layer of style that will bring your design plan together. Accents are timeless, and distinctive -- you will have these supremely stylish pieces for years to come.

Be unique, be inspired, be you

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