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Simple living room design ideas to elevate your space today

The living room is a focal point of any home, yet typically the last space to receive a full renovation -- this is routinely left to the kitchen, washroom or finishing a basement. However, your living space should tell a story, and be a personalized space in your home curated to your aesthetic, but not just with family photos, which are an essential and nice touch.

We’ve pulled together a handful of unique and simple style tips to reinvent your space, without having to reinvent your lifestyle, ensuring your personality shines through in every room, exquisitely.

Implement large scale original fine art

Introduce a new focal point of your space, by adding a piece with personality and style to match. Large scale art can add a pop of colour and give the effect of an accent wall without the need to wallpaper or paint -- giving a chic and high impact look with very little effort or time. Our interior design team will happily assist, and with over 20+ partnered local artists displayed within our showroom we will find the perfect addition. Send us a photograph of your space, with a brief note of your vision and we will curate a handful of options to introduce the bold statement piece you have been dreaming of.

Camouflage your entertainment center

Your television and entertainment center are visual focal points when entering the living space, but when hosting guests it is the last thing you want your company looking at. By implementing a modular wall system you can delicately minimize the attention this is receiving and create a functional addition to the space. Another simple alternative, introduce a gallery wall of art or photos surrounding the television itself, which can blend it into your space rather than being the center of attention.

Textiles, patterns, pillows, throws and rugs

Give your space a high-style design look by adding a sourced throw, customized accent pillows to your sofa or a new and unique rug. These are all simple additions which do not require you to reformat your entire space or rid yourself of current furnishings, but will give you a gust of refreshing air. Our design team is here to assist, by sourcing fabrics and selecting timeless options sure to last a lifetime.

Mixing a variety of textures

Layering textures and materials thoughtfully will give your space a luxurious look and it’s all the craze across international design fairs like Salone Del Mobile. This can be seen in high end furnishing vignettes to standalone pieces. Integrating metals, with wood, and high pile textures with vibrant fabrics. It can be dicey making these selections solo, which is why our interior design team is here to help. With a plethora of options and years of experience we’d love to assist in creating your new favorite room.

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