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A blissful nights sleep awaits you with Magniflex - No springs, memory foam comfort

When spending a third of your life on a piece of furniture it should be in comfort. Why not ensure it is not only comfortable, but puts you in a state of pure bliss and relaxation? With Magniflex you can ensure you get both.


Established in Florence, Italy, home to countless masterpieces in architecture, design and fine art which shows in Magniflex’s attention to detail, beautiful construction and resilience in product. Magniflex is family owned and has been offering their luxurious mattress options for over 55 years.


With Magniflex they offer the most natural mattress option on the market today without giving up the comfort of memory foam. The best part, there are no toxic chemicals used the the manufacturing process this means no chemical odor -- which you smell and feel on other foam mattress options.


Magniflex memory foam molds under the shape of your body as a response to weight and pressure, unlike other standard memory foams which respond to heat, and in turn ensures a consistent sleep no matter the time of year. A favorite of Magniflex owners is Outlast technology, originally developed by NASA to use in spacesuits -- Outlast is a patented wax which ensures your sleep is not too hot and not too cold, just right.

American and European Chiropractic Associations love it, and endorse it. We are certain you will too.

Visit us to experience our new Magniflex gallery at Rosenthal Interiors and experience pure bliss without springs.

Don't just take our word for it, here's a quick message from Dr. Craig Newman why we love's Magniflex for both himself and clients alike!

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