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New look to local fine art : Michael Schmidt

Fine artist Michael Schmidt was recently welcomed to our showroom at Rosenthal Interiors, and we are elated to have a handful of his pieces on display. Before you pop by to view them in person, let’s take a look behind the scenes and see why Michael Schmidt is your new favorite contemporary artist.

Schmidt began his journey in Toronto, Canada and attended the University of Toronto as well as the Sheridan College of Art. During his upbringing art was always an integral part of his existence, this then flourished into both a passion and apart of his daily existence when moving to the Twin Cities over 25 years ago.

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Initially when taking in Schmidt’s work you will notice visceral yet relaxing colors, contrasting and working together to create a symbiotic experience which almost feels euphoric. Upon closer examination there are layers in his work which create depth and contrast within any space. The final layer of resin then seals in the complex collage array that is in place on a solid durable frame. Both the pieces and art are designed to withstand the testament of time; care being taken into the creation and longevity .. this separates artists as experts within their trade.

By cutting his teeth in the fine art world for over two decades he is now a artisan of his craft. Art collectors globally recognize this as you can find his works across North America and Europe. Let’s find your personalized piece from Schmidt within our showroom today. And who knows, on your next trip to Europe you may just encounter a Schmidt collector you can strike a conversation with.

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