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What’s the best option for your sofa - leather or fabric?

Your sofa is a long term investment that you want to work for you and your space for years to come. So, the covering you select should be both durable and resilient to the environment you live in. Whether it's with children, pets, or alone with occasional visits from friends and family. There are a handful of factors to consider when making this selection - so, let’s take a look at what those may be.

Is it durable?

Both fabrics and leathers can have longevity. One of the simplest ways to discern how long a material may last is by looking at the standardized rub count. The rub count will tell you based upon factory standards how much a given product or material can be interacted with, touched, sat on or rubbed before there is distinguishable ware.

Be aware, higher quality, thicker leathers will have a longer lifespan but can have a bit of a higher price tag. This is due to methods in sourcing leather from healthy, northern region based cows that produce the highest quality hides which can be used in designer handbags, luxury automobiles and your home furniture. In conjunction with this, the tanning process is yet another aspect that can determine the longevity of the leather itself.

When looking at fabrics blended materials, or cotton and linen have resilience. When fabrics are mixed with synthetic fibers this also makes the product much easier to clean spills or stains over time.

What type of environment will it be in?

Do you have children that frequently spill, or like to draw on household items? Do you have a pet that has an occasional accident, sharp claws or a chewing problem? Do you have allergies from dust, or other materials?

All can be factors to consider when selecting your cover, whether it be in fabric or leather. Both options have grades and categories that can work with your specific needs to ensure your space exceeds your expectations.

If you do see external forces causing damage to your new piece of home furnishing, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Home furniture warranty plans start at $199. This will cover you on accidental scapes, scratches, rips, tears, pen marks, spills, stains and just about anything you could do to your sofa within the confines of your own home.

Comfort is of utmost importance -- what do you enjoy?

When you sink into your new sofa or sectional at home does the thought of a plush supple leather make you dream of bliss, or is it the touch of alpaca wool that will make you slide into your couch for a weekend of comfort. It’s important when designing a piece of custom furniture to shop with your hands and truly get a feel for the texture that will be covering your living space.

In addition there are a whole suite of options when looking at stationary and motion sofas and sectionals. What type of seat depth or seat height is comfortable for you? And are you looking for a plush or firm sit? Every item is unique to each shopper, which is yet another reason to work with a personalized design liaison.

American Leather for example has a variety of high quality fabrics and leather available to select from. And if you’re interested in motion for your sofa or sectional that can be something they implement into your design as well.

Get in touch with a member of our interior design team to create a piece of home furnishing that will stand the testament of time and provide that splash of style you crave everytime you walk in the door.

Be unique. Be inspired. Be you.

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