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5 Modern Furniture Pieces You Will Love

Contemporary and modern decor are more than just clean lines and a flat pallet. This area of design and style has morphed over the years to become the leading approach for interior designers, and consumers when revamping their space. As contemporary or modern furniture can easily be blending with a traditional home, retro accents or even a boho vibe it's an easy way to give your space a new level of taste, light and bravado.

This most recent furniture market brought us countless new looks that encapsulate this, of which we brought back to Minneapolis for you to enjoy. Here's just a brief sampling of what we found..

Retro // Contemporary Audio Soundbar

Here's one we loved and you will grow to as well. It's a retrofied contemporary sound bar offering bluetooth connectivity and boasting a robust sound that will fill any space. And when you're not listening to music on this beautiful console you can also sit back to enjoy all the aesthetic delights it provides.

Gianna Chair

Another beautiful design by Carl Muller. This chair presents itself with a slinky, yet elegant and feminine presence. Featuring delicate tracery steel wire which creates an airy and transparent ambiance.

Botera Chair

Comfort, clean lines and curves come together in the Botera chair. This modern take on classic mid century style is keen to take your living space to an upper elevation. Made with four different types of foam with comfort at the forefront of their design approach. It's open style and concept on seating focuses on bringing people together and inspiring conversation.

Raja Rug

Featuring a blend of Italian sourced fabrics ensuring the highest quality and standards are met for your space. This modern rug can be introduced to any room with its neutral blend of colors; whether it be a traditional home looking for an added layer of contemporary flair or a boho space that warrants a soothing splash of modern style.

Smart Sectional

Motion can introduce comfort in any setting or sitting position. Whether you have guests, are lounging, or working from home within your living room. Why choose between a deep sit lounge sofa, or an articulated sit with optimal arch support when you can have both.

Be unique. Be you. Be inspired.

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