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Buying Art for Contemporary Interiors: Local Art Edition


Guests admiring a special collection at our Minnetonka location

If you love contemporary furniture, you know how important it is to find the right art pieces that complement your style and personality. Contemporary furniture ranges from clean and minimalist to the vibrant and exciting high style of designer Italian furniture. These varying aesthetics and a focus on sustainability and experimentation with new materials reflect modern sensibilities.

But how do you choose art that matches your contemporary furniture? And where do you find unique and original artworks that showcase your local culture and community? In this article, we will give you some tips on how to buy art for contemporary interiors from local artists in Minneapolis.

A gallery favorite: Paper cut collage portrait of Prince. by Toni Dachis

1. Explore the local art scene in Minneapolis. You can visit more than 300 pieces of public art in Minneapolis using an interactive map tour ( You can also check out some of the best local art galleries in Minneapolis such as the MIA, Rosalux Gallery, Groveland Gallery, Soo Visual Arts Center and more. You can also attend some of the local art events such as Art-A-Whirl, Northern Spark, Powderhorn Art Fair and more.

Studio of local artist Nina Riedy. You can find her work in our showroom.

2. Support local artists by buying their artworks directly from them or through their online platforms. You can find some of the best local artists in Minneapolis on websites such as MPLSART.COM or You can also follow them on social media or sign up for their newsletters to stay updated on their latest works and exhibitions.

Hand carved live edge hardwood end table by Richard Aasness.

3. Choose local art that reflects your personality and interests as well as your home's style and color scheme. You can find a variety of local art forms that suit any taste and budget such as paintings, metal sculptures, bespoke burl tree coffee tables, light fixtures, candles and more! You can also look for local art that showcases the history, culture, and diversity of Minneapolis such as murals, maps, posters and more!

Part of our historical Laverne Wylie collection

4. Mix and match different styles and mediums of local art to create an eclectic and dynamic look for your contemporary interiors. You don't have to stick to one genre or type of art when decorating your home with local artworks. You can create a contrast or harmony with your contemporary furniture by combining different styles and mediums of local art such as abstract, realistic, minimalist, colorful, monochrome, textured, smooth and more! If this part is a little overwhelming, fear not! We have a team of expert designers who can help guide you through this process. Schedule a free 1-hour consultation today (call: 612-332-4363).

5. Have fun and experiment with different arrangements and placements of local art pieces until they feel right for you! There is no right or wrong way to display local art in your home as long as it makes you happy! At Rosenthal Interiors, we offer a wide range of contemporary furniture that will suit any taste and budget! We also sell local art- from paintings to metal sculptures, to bespoke burl tree coffee tables, even light fixtures and candles which all go well with contemporary design! Visit our showroom in Minneapolis or Minnetonka today and let our experts help you find the best local artworks for your home!

Our Minnetonka showroom

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