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Akua Lee

Lead Designer

Akua has been in the Interior design industry for over 20 years, owning a remodeling business and custom designing furniture. Akua’s lifelong hobby turned into a profession as she combined the knowledge from her degree with her experience in remodeling and renovating furniture.

If the name sounds familiar, it's because Akua has been featured in Mpls-St. Paul Magazine, The Lavender, and several other publications throughout her career. And several homes in the parade of homes showcase. The result was one of the Twin Cities’ top designers. 

Akua describes her style as “whatever her client’s style is”- highlighting her adaptability and her devotion to seeing out her client’s vision.  Akua believes in living well in your home by helping people realize the importance of function as much as design. Through  her special knowledge of color theory, spatial balance to make your home a healthy and functional space as well as aesthetically pleasing. 


Akua has worked with clients all over the world so wherever your space is, Akua is available virtually or in the Minnetonka showroom. 

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